Red/Common Lionfish

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Red/Common Lionfish
Roatan, Honduras (Peter’s Place) – 3/26/2016
Lionfish are invasive species in the Caribbean (they are not native). Apparently they were introduced to the Atlantic Ocean when people had them as pets and released them into the ocean when they grew too big for their aquarium. Lionfish have venomous spines that can be very painful, which is why it is difficult to fish for them. There are efforts to remove these invasive species from the Atlantic Ocean. From 2009-2012, derbies run by the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) removed a grand total of 10,231 lionfish. While we were in Bonaire, we met an inspiring retired couple that go diving every weekend and spearfish for lionfish on their dive. On the dive that we saw them, they had caught five, which shows you how invasive a species can become without a predator.


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