Greenblotch Parrotfish

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IMG_8723Greenblotch Parrotfish
Curacao (Playa Piskado) – 10/8/2018

Tricolor Parrotfish

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IMG_3366Tricolor Parrotfish
Madagascar (Rosario Reef) – 12/30/2017

Spotted Parrotfish

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IMG_3140Spotted Parrotfish – Juvenile Phase
Madagascar (Rosario Reef) – 12/30/2017

Bluelip Parrotfish

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IMG_0380Bluelip Parrotfish – Initial Phase
West Palm Beach, Florida (Blue Heron Bridge) – 7/1/2017

In the background there is a Slippery Dick – juvenile.

Emerald Parrotfish

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dominica (1465)dominica (1469)Emerald Parrotfish – Initial Phase
Dominica (Fort Young Dock) – 1/19/2017

Believe it or not these pictures are of the exact same fish!  When it was swimming above the grass bed, it appeared to be a solid color (bottom picture), but when it settled in the grass, it camouflaged to be the more mottled color (top picture).

Bucktooth Parrotfish

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dominica-1220dominica-1224Bucktooth Parrotfish – Terminal Phase
Dominica (Fort Young Dock) – 1/17/2017

dominica (1522)Bucktooth Parrotfish – Initial Phase
Dominica (Fort Young Dock) – 1/19/2017

Yellowtail Parrotfish

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Yellowtail Parrotfish – Initial Phase
Roatan, Honduras (Overheat Reef) – 3/27/2016