Hunting Lionfish while Collecting Trash

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If you ever get the chance to dive in Key Largo, I can’t recommend Rainbow Reef dive shop enough.  They make sure to tell everyone on the dive boat to treat the reef like the museum, which means don’t touch anything and pick up trash! During this dive, my dive guide not only managed to hunt down two invasive lionfish, but also he towed a fishing net that someone had lost back up to the surface, thus ensuring that no fish or turtles would get caught in the net needlessly.  Rainbow Reef also has free reef-safe sunscreen for you on their boat – class act!

Regrowing Coral

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In an effort to restore the staghorn coral population in Curacao, volunteers have planted and are monitoring these coral nurseries.

Coral Bleaching

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This is what coral bleaching looks like.  The bottom rim is a skeletal version of its healthier self.  As a result of climate change ocean temperatures have increased.  Two degrees Celsius may not seem like a lot, but for marine life, including this coral, it’s like living with a constant fever. Learn more and take action:

Egg Sack

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I am not quite sure what this is, but it appears to be either an egg sack or maybe a Parrotfish’s mucus sack.

Roatan, Honduras (Canyon Reef) – 3/26/2016

Hooked :(

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This poor Mutton Snapper has to live with being hooked.

Roatan, Honduras (Turtle Crossing) – 3/26/2016


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Cozumel, Mexico (Palancar Caves) – 5/10/2015

It looks like this Bar Jack barely got away.

Hitching a Ride

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Cozumel, Mexico (San Clamente) – 5/9/2015

This Bar Jack camouflaged himself in black and hitched a ride on this Yellow Stingray as it made its way through the seagrass.