Egg Sack

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I am not quite sure what this is, but it appears to be either an egg sack or maybe a Parrotfish’s mucus sack.

Roatan, Honduras (Canyon Reef) – 3/26/2016


Hooked :(

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This poor Mutton Snapper has to live with being hooked.

Roatan, Honduras (Turtle Crossing) – 3/26/2016


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Cozumel, Mexico (Palancar Caves) – 5/10/2015

It looks like this Bar Jack barely got away.

Hitching a Ride

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Cozumel, Mexico (San Clamente) – 5/9/2015

This Bar Jack camouflaged himself in black and hitched a ride on this Yellow Stingray as it made its way through the seagrass.

Sand Diver Defending Territory or Courtship Behavior

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Sand Divers
Cozumel, Mexico (Hotel Cozumel & Resort Jetty) – 5/8/2015

We saw these Sand Divers sit like this for several minutes before they quickly separated and went back to their perches.  We tried to research this behavior, but couldn’t find anything.  Our best guess is that they are defending their territory or engaging in courtship behavior.

Feeding Frenzy

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IMG_0462 IMG_0465

Feeding Frenzy of Angelfish & Triggerfish!
Cozumel, Mexico (Virgin Wall) – 5/8/2015

Sand Tilefish builds a nest

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IMG_0791IMG_0693 IMG_0697 IMG_0700

Sand Tilefish builds a nest
Cozumel, Mexico (Yucab Reef & Hotel Cozumel & Resort Jetty) – 5/7/2015

We watched this Sand Tilefish tirelessly build his burrow using coral rubble for a good part of the dive!

Sand Tilefish are susceptible to Black Spot Disease. It is often found in the water covered with black spots, often so severe that the fish’s coloration appears black, likely because of changes in the water’s ecosystem dynamic.   Read More: